7 Tech Jobs You Can Do Without Coding

Not all jobs in tech require you to have a knowledge in coding. In fact, there are a lot of jobs in the technology world that requires zero knowledge of coding.

It could come as a surprising thing to you that even some tech jobs that involves, designing and developing a website, still doesn’t need coding to get them done.
All you need, to get started for these jobs are, your computer system and internet connection. Then, you are good to go.

Now that you know that you can also be a TECH BRO or TECH SIS, without coding, we would be taking you through some of these jobs below:


DID YOU KNOW? You can develop a website from scratch to finish with a good knowledge of WordPress Navigation. All you need do, is know your way around it and you are good to go.

There are a lot of WordPress themes that you can either download for free or get for a fee, install them and build beautiful websites with them, by just dragging and dropping elements at positions you want them to be.

There are also wonderful theme builders you can install to make your work easier. The two most popular and effective theme builders are ELEMENTOR and DiVi.
A WordPress developer could work freelance, or directly with a company and make as much as $250 per website designed.

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Basically, SEO specialists are marketing professionals who use research and analysis to improve a website’s ranking on search engines like Google.

With the use of popular and relevant keywords used in search engine queries, which are inserted into websites, they could help search engines find those sites and display them to web users, thereby increasing traffic for websites.

To become an SEO SPECIALIST, you need no knowledge of coding. Just your laptop, internet and dedication to getting better through relevant courses.

The average annual salary of an SEO SPECIALIST is $56,000 upwards.


The major job of Project managers in the information technology (IT) world, is planning of projects, ensuring that these projects are executed on time and follow the roadmap through every stage of the process.

IT project managers must ensure that team members have the same shared vision and goals for projects. They work across teams, pulling together engineers, marketers, product specialists, and more.

Their job requires daily evaluation of employees, as well as leadership and motivation skills to be successful.

Project managers make as much as $76,000 or more annually.


Graphic designers use different design softwares to create images and other visual representations for companies and clients. They also create logos, banners, web pages templates and ads.

As a Graphic Designer, you need no knowledge of coding whatsoever. A Graphics Designer could make as much as $58,000 or more annually.


Data analysts identify company or departmental trends by analyzing specific data sets. To get this done, they must have in-depth knowledge of data software, statistics and market research.

Data analysts report their findings and predictions to executives and shareholders to help guide decision-making and future planning.

A Data Analyst earns $65,000 or more, per year, with zero knowledge of coding.


Navigating through a website on a smartphone or tablet is often a very different experience than seeing it on a larger screen.

The job of Mobile designers is make sure websites and apps can work well across a variety of devices. They typically work closely with UX and UI specialists.
A Mobile Designer could make over $45,000 per annum, without coding.


When it comes down to it, almost every tech company’s goal is to make money, which means they need to sell products.

That’s where Digital Marketers come in. Digital Marketers are people, who have the skills to market and sell products through digital platforms.

This makes it a tech job, which requires no coding. All you need as a marketer, is your ability to convince potential clients to buy, through creative contents.
A Digital Marketer could make over $50,000 per annum.

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