Laptop Battery Myths You Should Stop Believing

You must have probably heard one or two things about laptop batteries that might have led to an instant scare in you.

As a laptop user, it gets harder to filter the facts from myths going all around, about batteries in laptops.

Let’s quickly help debunk some of the most common laptop battery myths. Read up below:

Myth 1: “Over-charging” your laptop battery can ruin and turn your laptop it into a desktop computer

Over-charging of laptop batteries, does not , in any way, ruin your laptop. If your laptop is ruined, take it to a trained computer engineer to get the real issue.

TRUTH – Today’s laptop batteries have been designed to stop charging once the battery is full so even “over-charging” is impossible, as there’s no such thing.

Myth 2: Using the laptop while it’s charging can shorten the battery’s lifespan

This one is a really popular ones that even your IT friend can tell you. It has been tagged as the primary culprit why computer batteries barely last a few years.

TRUTH: Keeping your laptop plugged in while you’re busy at work doesn’t damage the battery. What actually harms it is ‘Heat’. Even though there can be arguments that plugging in can heat up the battery faster, it’s actually a high-workload use that causes the heat.

An overworked processor is the main reason that your device becomes unbearably hot at times.

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Myth 3: Wait For Your Laptop Battery To Run Low Before You Charge It Again

TRUTH: This only applies to old battery technology. The most recent notebook computers often use the lithium-ion variety, which works so much better than their nickel-based predecessors.

However, certain batteries like the “LI-batteries”, last longer if you never let them drain fully. If you make this mistake, the laptop may get confused by such extreme discharges and will subsequently show wrong estimates on how long its power source can last.

Myth 4: Laptop Batteries Are Easily Replaceable!

TRUTH: Most laptops have built-in batteries which you won’t be able to replace yourself, except you send your laptop back to the manufacturer to be fitted or you get a trained computer engineer to do the job.

You can’t avoid the fact that the running time on a battery after charge, will get shorter over time. After a few years, you might want to replace the battery, but it’s not always as easy as all that. Laptops these days tend to come with built-in batteries which you won’t be able to replace yourself.

Myth 5: Never Charge Your Battery To 100%

TRUTH: This myth has been around for years and has gained more traction recently with Apple’s introduction of an optimized battery charging system that keeps the battery at 80% charge for as long as possible, only adding the final 20% just in time for the user to start their day.

There’s no problem with charging a device to 100%. Batteries have been designed to work like this and have built-in charge regulators that mean that it’s safe to take batteries to 100%.

Which of these myths have you fallen for? Tell is in the comments section below.

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